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Learn more about who we are and how each of our programs is transforming lives throughout South Denver.


Community partners play a vital role in our mission.  Find information on referrals, volunteer opportunities, and ways to donate to support a whole and healthy community in your neighborhood.


Manna Resource Center is a faith-based nonprofit organization that was incorporated to strengthen individuals and families in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties, and the surrounding area through programs that provide holistic care and support in the areas of self-sufficiency, wellness, and family development.

Poverty and homelessness are real issues faced by households in our community. According to the Douglas County 2020 Community Needs Assessment, 29,241 people in the county are considered vulnerable due to the high cost and limited availability of affordable housing. Manna Resource Center exists to provide relief to poor and underprivileged households in our service area through its comprehensive programs. 

At the same time, it is estimated that 20% of Colorado residents struggle with mental health conditions and addiction. The 2019 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey reported that almost 31% of Douglas County students experienced a period of greater than 2 weeks during the previous year where they felt sad or hopeless to the point where they stopped doing their daily activities. The greatest barrier to access mental health support is the stigma surrounding behavioral health disorders.

Manna Resource Center has three core programs that accomplish the goal of strengthening individuals and families: Manna Connect, the Family Center of Douglas County, and Manna Community Wellness.


"When I joined Manna I was homeless and battling addiction. Today, I am sober and running my own small business."





*The Douglas County Department of Human Services (Department) partners with Manna Resource Center to reimburse them for expenses paid on behalf of families that meet specific criteria: 1) Douglas County residents, 2) dependent child under 18 in the home, 3) adults and children 18 and over are U.S> citizens or lawfully present, and 4) annual combined household income is under $75,000.
     In order to determine what portion of the costs can be paid for by the Department, Manna Resource Center must provide this completed Affidavit for potentially reimbursable expenses.  However, if you believe you are eligible but have an objection to receiving this service from a faith-based organization, please contact the Department at 303-688-4825 or come to our office at 4400 Castleton Court in Castle Rock, to review possible alternatives.

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