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Manna Resource Center exists to break through barriers to self-sufficiency and mental wellness. Through holistic programs, community connection, and collaborative support, cycles will be broken, families will be strengthened, and lives will be transformed​



New applicants to Manna Resource Center can expect to meet with one of our friendly coaches who will work with them to explore the perfect program for their current needs.  Read on to discover some of what our programs have to offer those in our community.

Manna Connect


Manna Connect is a personal development program that provides participants with community, coaching, and career skill advancement as they identify and overcome barriers to self-sufficiency and wholeness.


  • Professional life coaching

  • Career support and certification programs

  • Friendly community support

  • Mental health services

  • Support in achieving greater self-sufficiency

Family Resource Center

The Family Center of Douglas County ​is a partnership of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado and Manna Resource Center. We strive to connect family members to community resources.  Our goal is to help families strengthen and sustain healthy relationships and achieve greater stability.


  • Access to family resources

  • Quality case management

  • Mental health services

  • Enrollment in Human Service benefits

Manna Community Wellness

Manna Community Wellness offers individual and family psychotherapy sessions for participants in the Manna Connect and Family Center programs.  Our aim is to support the overall health and wellbeing of participants as they pursue their goals.


  • Professional counseling and psychiatry services

  • Individualized care plans to support overall health a wellbeing




Executive Director

Since 2009 Erin has worked in the field of social work, focusing on the areas of poverty, homelessness, foster care, and adoption. She feels called to serve her neighbors and to help them break down barriers to reach wholeness in their lives. When not working, Erin enjoys time with her family, reading, and watching her favorite sports teams.



Lead Coach

With a degree in  International Relations,  Lindsey has spent over 10 years in the nonprofit sector.  She is passionate about setting the table for her community to experience dignity and the ability for each individual's story to thrive. When not working, you will likely find Lindsey in her garden, going for a run, playing with her twin boys, or getting lost in the mountains.



Manna Connect Career Coach

With a background in Health Sciences and Project Management, LuCinda has been coaching clients since 2015 and joined the Manna Connect team in 2021. She brings her compassion and personable approach to create a safe place for all individuals to be seen and heard. Her goal is to facilitate and celebrate her clients’ journeys to self-discovery and accomplishments. Outside of work, LuCinda enjoys time with her husband and 2 children, walking the family dog, and reading for the joy of learning.



Family Center of Douglas County Coach

With a servant's heart, Maria has responded personally and professionally to come alongside those in need of help.  She joined the Family Center team in 2021 and is passionate about serving and encouraging others to become their best version of themselves.  Maria comes from a diverse background of business, education, and social work.  When not working, Maria enjoys spending time with her family, training her puppy, and exercising outdoors.




For over 10 years Christy has been working with emotionally wounded individuals.  Her love for helping others comes with a desire to understand her clients' stories and the connections they have to those around them. In her role as our clinical therapist, she is passionate about helping clients heal from past difficulties and grow as a result of their transformative work in therapy. When not in the office, Christy enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, interior decorating, and time away with her husband.



Family Support Coach

With a background in non-profit and case management, Elise has been working closely with individuals in her community since 2012. She is passionate about providing a safe space for others to share their stories and enjoys assisting them with making community connections that can improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones. When she is not working, you can find Elise somewhere cozy with a good book, exploring the outdoors with her husband and daughter, and walking her two crazy dogs.



Integration Specialist

With a degree in Psychology and a minor in Human Services, Kaylee has spent the last 4 years working with adult and graduate students in higher education settings. She joined MRC in 2022 and  feels called to serve others within her community. She is passionate about promoting wellness within individuals and families. When not working, Kaylee enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on walks, and reading.



Pathways Coach


Heather Kelley, Chair

Kevin Jonell,
Vice Chair

Scott Lanzen, Treasurer

Terrence Gover

John Hood

Lori Zwart

Nathan Scherrer 

Heather Hill

Mark Willis 


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